English Information

Welcome to our Waldhochseilgarten.

On this page we will give you some brief information on our Forest High Ropes Course as we do not have the whole website translated.

The first thing we would like to mention: Yes, we do speak English.
The second: We speak some other languages, too. Usually we will give you a handout with all the important information of our introduction for climbing.

But the important thing is that we are open daily, from March through October.
So whether you bring your children and come to do some family activities in Berlin, want to have a special bachelor's party or simply look for an exceptional outdoor activity: Come and have fun with us.
Tourists are as welcome as English speaking Berliners.

And in case you need further information, please feel free to contact us:
+49 30 - 34 09 48 18


Who can climb?

Anyone from the age of 6 is allowed to climb and will reach the required minimum grip height of 1,45m.

Due to security reasons the maximum weight is 120kg.

Persons with strong limitations of the locomotor system, heart/lungs diseases and pregnant women are not allowed to ascend.

Do I need a reservation?

No, you can simply come around.
Nevertheless we kindly ask groups of 10 persons or more to contact us beforehand.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash or EC-Cards from a German account.

Big Parcours/Children's Parcours: What is the difference?

In our adventure park the individual grip height is decisive.

For the Children's Parcours a grip height of at least 1,45m is needed, with a maximum of 1,89m.
Children that can reach 1,90m with their hand must use the Big Parcours. This applies usually for children from the age of 10.
Adults are not allowed to ascend in the Children's Parcours but will accompany their child(ren) on the ground.
Every climber with a grip height of at least 1,90m (adult or tall child) may take one child with a grip height of 1,70m or more to go along with in the Big Parcours.

To summarize it:

  • Children's Parcours: Age 6 up to about 9 years.
  • Big Parcours: Age around 10 and above or with a grip height of 1,70m plus one person with a grip height of not less than 1,90m.

Do I need to bring any equipment?

The only "equipment" you need to bring is a pair of sturdy shoes. Sneakers are totally OK.

By the way, the use of any climbing gear besides the one provided is not permitted.

How much time should I arrange?

Rental time in the Big Parcours is 3 hours (Children's Parcours 2,5 hours).
You should take account of an additional 1/2 hour to buckle on/off your harnesses.

Do I have to pay if I do not climb?

Visitors that stay at the ground are free of charge and warmly welcome to view the spectacle. 

Do you have lockers?

We do have a limited number of lockers.
Still it is recommended to leave valuables at home/at the hotel.

Where can I eat or drink something?

At the historical water tower you can find our Sommergarten
Our Biergarten serves drinks and snacks.

What if it rains?

Even in drizzle or scattered showers climbing is fun and still a safe activity.
Only thunderstorm, daylong rain or storm are reasons that force us to close the Waldhochseilgarten, for your safety.

Bring your friends and family to our exceptional adventure park.
tourist in Berlin with children
activities with children in Berlin

Price Table

Mon-Fri Sat/Sun/Holiday Early Bird Family Day Grip-Height Required
Sat/Sun/Holidays Thursday from 13h**
until 10:30 Uhr
Children's Parcours 10 € 12 € 10 € 10 € 1,45 - 1,89m
Children up to 14y 13 € 16 € 13 € 13 € from 1,90m***
Discounted Ticket* 16 € 19 € 16 € 13 € from 1,90m
Adults 19 € 22 € 19 € 13 € from 1,90m
Spectators Free Free Free Free

*teenager, student, apprentice, pensioner
**min. 1 child + 1 adult
***Exception: "combination of two as a team": grip height 1st. person from 1,9m + 2nd. person from 1,7m
We do not accept credit cards at all.
You can pay in cash or with EC card from a German account.

Im Biergarten des Berliner Parks.

Additional Items

Big Parcours Children's Parcours
(any age, observe grip-height)
Annual Season-Ticket° 160 € 100 €
Gloves 4 € 4 €
Personal Trainer,per hour 25 € 25 €

°Valid for 365 days after purchase, daily 1x utilizable, intransferable, Terms and Conditions apply.

We accept the Berlin WelcomeCard.

Opening Hours

Early Season

from 24. March 2018

  • Mo-Fr: for groups only
  • Sat, Sun, Holiday: 10-18h
  • Last Admission: 16h

from 25. March 2018

  • Mo-Fr: 11-19h
  • Sat, Sun, Holiday: 10-19h
  • Last Admission: 17h

Main Season

from 28. April 2018

  • Mon-Fr: 11-19h
  • Sat, Sun, Holiday: 9-20h
  • Last Admission: 2hrs prior to closing time

from 27. August 2018

  • Mo-Fr: 11-19h
  • Sat, Sun, Holiday: 10-19h
  • Last Admission: 17h

from 17. September 2018

  • Mon-Fr: 11-18h
  • Sat, Sun, Holiday: 10-18h
  • Last Admission: 16h

Late Season

from 15. October 2018

  • Mon: Only on holidays
  • Tue-Fr: 11-17h
  • Sat, Sun, Holiday: 10-17h
  • Last Admission: 15h

from 28. October 2018

  • Mon: Only on holidays
  • Tue-Fr: 11-16h
  • Sat, Sun, Holiday: 10-16h
  • Last Admission: 14 h

from 01. November 2018

  • Winterbreak

All ascends will be closed 30min prior to closure time.

Please be aware that we may close on short notice due to weather reasons (e.g. thunderstorm). This will be announced on our website.
If you are uncertain about the weather conditions please call.